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Click4Surveys Review

Click4Surveys is a portal website that guides you to third-party survey websites that may pay you rewards points. This website serves as a middleman for businesses that advertise on their site to collect marketing data through customer feedback. Those who will participate in the survey or trials can select surveys from the many market research companies that advertise on the website. In return, participants receive gift cards, points, and other rewards from Click4Surveys partners.

Participation Requirements

All surveys have requirements that participants must meet for them to qualify. These include providing personal data like annual income, demographics, and more. Click4Surveys does not charge a participation fee. However, you need to be aware that these websites often sell personal information to third-party clients for added revenue.

You may also be required to pay a nominal fee for the product testing. If you fail to return the trial products before the set deadline, you will be charged in full. The surveys will not take long to accomplish, and may only take between 15 and 30 minutes. Invite notices are usually sent to your email.

Earning Money Through Click4Surveys

Click4Surveys has a professional-looking website design. It even looks more professional-looking than other online survey websites. While they do not promise to reveal the secrets to become rich when you sign up, they do indicate that their surveys can make you wealthy.

The first thing that you will notice when you come across the Click4Surveys website is the opening video for potential members. This video shows the various Click4Surveys members and their testimonials about how the website has changed their lives. These messages will entice potential members to sign up and see success happening on their computer monitor.

Another video shows a clean-looking guy wearing a business outfit. This person explains the Click4Surveys’ program, even going through the steps that you will take. It is a refreshing approach to attracting future members as many other survey sites remain a complete mystery until you sign up.

This guy states that the first step in the Click4Surveys program is an access to a wide range of the best online survey companies. He explained that this database cannot be seen anywhere else on the Internet, which gives you a higher chance of earning large sums of money. He did not, however, explain the need to sign up for each company after seeing this exclusive database. Signing up is time consuming and possibly confusing, but the results can be rewarding.

The second step of the program is selecting your preferred surveys to fill in. This professional-looking guy will make you believe that these surveys can make you earn big bucks. You need to note that you can only achieve your target earnings when you spend most of your day answering surveys. You should also know that you need to qualify for your chosen survey first before you can answer.

The third and final step that the guy in business suit presented is the payout. He said that members can receive their payouts through paypal, or a check. However, you need to hit a certain amount of earned money before the company sends it to you in cash. This means you need to hit the minimum earning requirement of your chosen online survey company before you can receive the payment.

You should also take note that each company has a different payout rate. Some companies have a payout rate of $30, while others require as high as $50. If you earn around $0.20 per survey, then it will take some time before you can receive your payment.

Legit or Not?

Click4Surveys is a legit online survey portal website. The membership process is quick and easy. The website even has a welcome video for its potential members, which includes a professional-looking man giving a step-by-step process on the survey program.

By now, you should know that each online survey company has a different payout rate, which is given either as a check or through PayPal. You need to hit this minimum requirement before you can receive your payment. This type of money-earning option is time-consuming. If you are somebody who was plenty of extra time, then you can make your day productive by joining Click4Surveys and earn your cash in no time.

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SendEarnings Review – Is It Worth Your Time?

SendEarnings is a popular website that lets you earn rewards by taking surveys, redeeming coupons, completing tasks, accepting offers, watching videos, and so much more. Run by IndoxDollars, this online company is owned by CotterWeb Enterprises. You can easily start earn cash by signing up with your email address. The process will not take long because you just need to confirm your account activation via email, and you can begin earning right away.

You will notice the many links for surveys, offers, games, and more upon logging in. The only way to maximize your earnings is to spend most of your day completing tasks on SendEarnings. You will need a huge amount of patience, but the rewards are fulfilling.

How to Reach Your Money Goals Through SendEarnings

SendEarnings does not work similarly with other survey websites. Instead of rewarding points, you will receive the fruit of your efforts in cash. You should not feel discouraged when you see $0.50 of earning per survey. It has the same value as 50 points. The good thing about SendEarnings is that you will receive $5 right after signing up. You also get to complete tasts upon signing in, so you can earn more than $5 in just 10 minutes.

There are many ways to earn cash through SendEarnings. Some of them may give you a better return than others, but you may want to explore each task first, so you can strategize.


The offers posted on the SendEarnings website range from freebies to trials. This is, by far, the fastest way to earn money on this site. Offers usually include filling out interests or household surveys, joining Opinion Square, signing up for credit-monitoring agency Creditera, signing up for Summer Samples, and more. You can earn as much as $3.00 per task completed.


Surveys are great, but you need to qualify for them. The process can be frustrating. However, SendEarnings has a short pre-survey questionnaire, so you can easily see whether you qualify or not.


This is the most cost-effective option to earn money through SendEarnings. You need to join GSN games to receive cash back rewards. You also should understand that you do not earn money by just playing games, since you must be willing to buy them.


You can earn over $0.15 per day for using SendEarnings’ search engine. However, you can only earn if your search is qualified. The search engine is not fast, but using it will give you a painless way to earn money.


SendEarnings allow you to earn money by watching videos. This is also where you will receive the smallest amount of cash, letting you earn only $0.01.


SendEarnings does not pay you outright with this option. You will only receive a percentage of the total earnings from your referrals, usually around 10 percent.


This is a great way of making cash through the website. You will receive $0.10 for each coupon redeemed.

Reading Emails

Paid Emails are sent to your inbox several times a week. All you need to do is click on them and read, and you will earn cash. You are usually paid $0.10 per email read.

Small Tasks

You get paid for completing small tasks, such as identifying a photographic content or translating a phrase. It works similarly to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. This is not the best way to earn cash as the ROI is quite low, but this can be a great option if you want variation.

SendEarnings Payouts

SendEarnings will send your payouts in cash. Unlike other websites, this one does not send payouts electronically. They will mail you a check, with a minimum payout of $30. If you have plenty of time, then you can earn more.

Do not feel discouraged when you earn less than $50 per payout. Receiving cash for your efforts is often way better than being given points. You need to note that SendEarnings charge $3 for every payment as processing fee.

Is SendEarnings a Scam?

SendEarnings is not part of the Better Business Bureau. Its parent company, CotterWeb Enterprises, received an A+ rating on the organization. It may seem discouraging to complete tasks on SendEarnings, but the extra patience that you give will reap fulfilling rewards. If you have plenty of extra time, then this is your chance to earn extra and make your day productive.

Survey Spot Review - Is It Legit?

Survey Spot Review: Is it worth it?

People gather to the web to look for some jobs that can help them upgrade their way of life. They spend time researching for ways to earn money which can be done at home. These people include students, or part-time and full-time moms. Since there are so many online paid surveys these days, these individuals find it hard to differentiate the real ones from the otherwise.

This dilemma can be cut short if there is knowledge in determining the legitimacy of these sites. Information found on homepages is not all the time complete; loopholes leave people to doubt the credibility of paid survey sites. However, other online survey platforms like Survey Spot that has been tested by many as among those that can augment their incomes.

With this thought in mind, let us take time to see what it is capable of.

Survey Spot Review

Facts and figures

Survey Spot is considered by many as among the biggest paid surveys in the market research trade today if not the best. Since its inception in 1977, it remained as a reliable site the marketing industry has known.

This company is affiliated with big research and marketing organizations that need surveys essential in conducting various corporate studies. Survey Spot provides data for fields such as small businesses, entertainment, publication and publication.

These companies take interest in what ordinary people say about their industry. The outcomes of the process are then used to improve their trade. This is a way of bringing upgraded products or services to the masses which means good quality will soon be at hand.

How you can get started

This paid survey site is open to U.S. residents only. Registering as a member doesn’t require upfront payment. You just have to fill out an online membership form and wait until it is approved; after which you can start working right away.

You can begin with a number of invites like 20 normal surveys in a month’s time. Surveys usually last approximately 10-20 minutes based on your speed and length of the questionnaires. Survey invites are received on your email and sent back using the same mode.

Can you make money with Survey Spot?

For each completed survey form you will around 50 to 100 points. Collect points until you reach the minimum cash out amount as stipulated by site rules. Some say that gathering 1,000 points is enough to reward you with your earnings. How good can it be (you might ask this yourself)?

Claiming rewards has two ways:

  • Receive Amazon e-Vouchers which you can pay for our ordered Amazon items. You will receive your e-Vouchers after 48 hours while physical vouchers take 10 business days to arrive.
  • Accumulate points and convert them into cash. For each 1,000 points accrued, you earn $10 which is sent through your PayPal account.

Other rewards offered by Survey Spot are airline miles and iTunes e-Vouchers. The huge opportunities it offers can be endless if you are patient in waiting for your inbox invites. Being a new member has its perks as well. You may receive an upfront entry to the site’s $25,000 cash sweepstakes.

There are other entries that you can take advantage of after completing your surveys. The site offers an instant win plays that allows you to a scratch card or slot machine game and a chance to win extra prizes.

Is Survey Spot Legit?

Survey Spot is way better than other online paid surveys. It maintains a higher scale of payment rates and as long as probable survey takers live in the U.S., they can join anytime. Points are easy to accumulate and if you get lucky to have completed 10 surveys, you get an easy 100 points for $10.

However, not everyone can get the best of luck. Sometimes, the time frame for some surveys is not perfect for the extra time you have. This could be one of the reasons that other people get down moments when it comes to reaching their target income. It has to be understood that invitation to do a survey is erratic and not a scheduled thing.

Some would compare it with other online jobs which others earn money from. But these jobs involve skills and creativity like that of graphic arts designers, SEO writing or online accounting. Answering surveys does not require any technology know-how except for knowledge in working on a PC and answering a set of questions.


This site pays rewards immediately as soon as you are done with your survey and it is unlike other companies that make you wait until your answers are fully assessed before you get paid. With all this information stated, this company is considered as a reliable source of additional income for you and your family. Rest assured you get paid and as long as you are fast in answering their sent questionnaires, you should be fine for some extra cash!

zoom panel review

Zoom Panel Review – Can You Make Money With It?

We started reviewing different sites that can pay you money out of surveys. We found out that online review sites differ in so many ways ranging from rates, payment options, tasks and also types of payments involved. Some reviewers are paid in kind while others prefer cash payments.

Now, let’s see how Zoom Panel fares in comparison with others of its kind. Is this site really capable of making you earn cash or plain gifts or rewards?

Zoom Panel Facts

Zoom Panel is a community of consumers sharing opinions and insights about products and services wherein incentives received in the form of rewards.

As a membership-based site, it allows fast and free sign up. You only need to answer a number of questions like personal information after which you can start earning rewards.

It claims to have a huge variety of survey topics to choose from and very rewarding. Earning points is easy once you have done your tasks.

Each point you make are stored automatically on your account which you can view anytime. This process motivates many members to do more quality work and to focus on creating more.

This site assists companies in decision-making as to what colors are good in creating their brands and products, the kind of ad they should use to show how their products have greater value than other competition.

Businesses that aim for this are willing to pay the price to get people to review their trade that’s why the site only takes in those who can create credible survey fill-ups. By simply gathering consumer opinions, services or products of client companies will have a more stable presence in the market.

It has a world class Member Care team working round the clock to ensure members are get satisfaction in every reviewing experience.

Rewards and Offers

In contrast to what other reviews say, the Zoom Panel site has limited rewards and offers. It specializes more on providing Amazon gift cards but also pays out in cash. As the company mostly deals with seller sites, they find that reviewers would gladly receive items or products they have reviewed rather than anything else. The company might have thought that they have offered the best rewards.

They are also likely to reward you with the latest books and movies, appliances, electronics or home décor. At times they would ask you if you prefer to send your rewards to charitable donations.

Rewards may come from legitimate businesses which make other members think it is worth their time. Of course, not all members think the same; just like the difference of each site, there are pros and cons.

The company has done away with the long wait for mailed check payments. After completing a survey, rewards are loaded instantly into members’ personal accounts. Members may keep track of the balance and can cash out using Zoom Panel’s Member Center.

Customer Reviews

The site does not contain customer review which is a vital factor in determining the legitimacy of review site. Those who may be interested in joining need to read reviews or comments from other users as well as the claimed benefits of the company.

But although customer reviews are not visible on this site, there are several out there where you can read before deciding to make a career out of this type of task.

Privacy Policy

Zoom Panel has a Private Policy section found on the lower portion of the homepage which makes it look legit. People may want to stay informed where their information is spread.

Company Information

Information provided within the site equates to reliability. The site has all information about its company that people may use in contacting to gather more details. There is a phone number to call you can use to interact with real human beings unlike other sites that allows communicating through automated voicemails or a robot.

The company maintains honest communications so that what people want to know about earnings and duration of surveys can be explained further. This eliminates doubts on the part of potential members.
Customer service 

Customer care for this panel is 24/7. The site’s Member Services team is readily available to provide assistance for all its members.

The verdict

This site is a good one for people who want to earn money out of taking surveys. It has everything you need to know, from information to assistance, up to what you need to know about the payment schemes. Go for it!

Vindale Research Review

Vindale Research – Our Detailed Review

There is a great demand for online surveys which explains the mushrooming of survey websites. However, you have to be cautious on the sites you choose to write surveys for because not all can provide you what you wish for and that is legit earnings. Some would declare earnings for their writers while some never mentions it.

While others are saying that earnings are easy to claim, other websites maintain rules that are not properly explained to their members which is a reason for writers to declare that they are being duped by certain online sites.

Vindale is one of the sites that offer payment after reviews are delivered. To determine if it is a scam, we have prepared some facts so you may know if it scams people or not. See if this site is good for you or not.

What you want to know about Vindale Research

This website rewards people who share feedbacks regarding consumer brands and its members earn cash out of market research surveys. The company says that it has been in existence for the past decade and has a wide survey community that spans the U.K., U.S., Australia and Brazil.

What they offer

Derive earnings from email marketing incentives, product testing, paid surveys and many other tasks. The site encourages new members and those who are likely to join the site to contact their web page to know more about the company and the assignments they engage and other future opportunities. It also invites potential members to see other things that the site offers.

These are among the good qualities of a legit website. Everything is laid on the plate and all there is to know is disseminated. This is unlike other sites that would keep members wondering what to do next.

How it works

Each new member is given a $2 sign up bonus which motivates them to be productive. They know the effort used by its members in undertaking assignments that is why they dole out a bonus of $5 for sending a picture with their smiling faces after payment has been received. Membership is free and you can use 3 steps to get paid for your reviews or opinions.

How you can earn

You can earn in many ways through Vindale Research. You can earn through the following means:

  • Surveys: There is a wide assortment of topics and you can pick anything from A to V. You can always check you inbox or visit the site for more opportunities. Each survey varies on the length and the number of eligible panelists involved and can earn you from $0.25 to $50.

Eligible panelists are those who have more experience or knowledge on survey topics. Members are asked qualifying questions to make sure they are using expertise in creating their materials. Eligibility may vary depending on knowledge, gender, or age level because there are topics that consider specific qualities. Members must also be 18 years or more and live in the countries previously mentioned.

  • Daily Deals: You can learn while you enjoy earning once you join the Vindale community within its site or on Facebook. There are many cash challenges, alerts, polls, and updates you can derive money from.
  • Referral Program: Each friend you refer to the company makes you gain additional $5. So, you can share the link to anybody who is interested to join and earn on the side.
  • Photos: You can brag about your earnings by sending in a photo or a video of yourself together with the Vindale payment you received and get an easy $5.
  • Reward Mail: Earn by reading paid emails. You can do this by opting to click Reward Mail using your email preferences in order to open and view several paid promotional messages.
  • Vindale Videos: Click on PLAY to enjoy video surveys for more earnings. To know if you are eligible, look for the VIDEOS tab within your Surveys page.

On this site, you will not earn points or gift cards, but cash. The management knows that members joined to earn money and that they know that each of them want to have the liberty of spending on what they really need. Nevertheless, aside from garnering some good reviews, the site has its own downsides according to several members.

It has members who complained about delayed payments. They claimed that it took them time to receive their earnings and that time consumed for waiting was really huge. Satisfied members say the otherwise. They claim that patience must be an inherent virtue and waiting for their payment to come was not really a big deal.

The delay of payment may lie on misinformation regarding the eligibility rules that the site has posted. Therefore, it is essential to check on every little detail on how things are done or who can undergo this and that before continuing with the process.

Furthermore, the site uses PayPal which is one of the most trusted payment venues reliable websites use. Information about this company’s locations is seen on its pages which makes it more of a legit site rather than a scam.

onepoll review

OnePoll Review – Should Your Try It?

The OnePoll research panel is a huge online community of professionals and consumers based in the U.S and the U.K. It has access to international panelists using its network of partners. This company creates tailored online brand surveys for companies that have their own target markets or database.

It claims to have various specialist panels such as MumPoll, SilverPoll, YoungPoll, StudentPoll, and ExecPoll that allows profiling which targets segmentation of individuals into demographic communities. The categories in more detail;

  • MumPoll: Mum panelists lend expertise and insight on raising children and include all challenges that mothers face each day.
  • YoungPoll: This is most ideal to child market research, and also includes the youth and family audiences. Children 6 to 15 years of age are registered and referred with full parental or guardian consent to share opinions and thoughts.
  • SilverPoll: This particular demographic deals with individuals aged over 50 in the U.K. which is around 20 million. Panelists on this category provide insights for a wide range of topics.
  • StudentPoll: Poll members on this panel include graduates and under graduates and also post graduate or further education students. The wide range of ages provides a more in-depth account for people of their generation.
  • ExecPoll: Profiling points for this panel of professionals include position, salary and job status. This panel reaches out to decision-makers, retail workers, the public sector, and other specific professions.

OnePoll has been voted by Money Saving Expert members as belonging to the top 10 survey sites. The site is engaged in the following:

  1. Online quantitative research: Uses sample sizes from 500 to more than 5,000. Its simplified quantitative research deals with a research project, recruits respondents from its own panel and conducts online study to deliver the exact data. It works with business establishments, organizations and agencies across all sectors. The company helps by conducting consumer study that creates a better understanding of consumers’ purchasing habits which aids in establishing client companies as industry leaders.
  1. Branded surveys: It creates a personalized online survey for clients who aim to gather data from their own target audiences which mean providing cost-effective solutions by using its clients’ own employees, customers and site visitors. It has software that provides questionnaires with broken down data points after which results are delivered using clear data tables allowing for easy analysis.
  1. International research: This company is capable of polling global online panelists and has provided research projects across Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and the Americas. It has its own team of translators and dedicated account managers that provide precise results.
  1. Press releases: The company has worked with various PR and communications teams for quite a time now and have supplied the national media with PR surveys with unique data-led content that are published ad shared across many channels that aim to grab attention within the busy media landscape.
  1. Data visualization: This company does not only deal with research projects submitted in data points. It is also capable of providing data visualization which appeals to so many client companies worldwide due to ease of interpretation. It uses software that generates charts and graphics in its reporting and presentation while it utilizes in-house designers create reports in the form of infographics, animations and other interactive materials.

OnePoll is among the many survey sites out there. With all the promotions for this site,  there is an crucial need to read customer reviews and privacy policy so that you don’t get scammed.

You may note that the site includes and explains each category of panelists they employ and where they use it for. This is very essential when choosing sites like this because you can see how it differentiates the role it plays.

The website also contains customer reviews which helps ease up future clients when it comes to reliability and guaranteed results. This tells you how credible their survey platform is which translates to a cost-effective and sure way of branding your products the right way.

However, for those who are looking to earn from this site, this surely is not for you. It has its own panelists and those who may earn should become a member. You may sign up as a member to join a certain poll. This site has a privacy policy section which is present in other legitimate platforms. This takes away doubts in employing its services.


So far, the company has provided all information on how they operate, the specific category of panelists they use and which services they engage in. This means, it is not a scam website and capable of handling and delivering results to its clients.

7 Places You Can Actually Get Paid To Shop

Who wouldn’t want to be paid just to shop? It sounds too good to be true. Fortunately for us, there really are sites that pay you to shop for certain items online through their rebates, cashback and rewards points programs. These rebate sites are completely free; they make a profit from a percentage of your purchase when you shop online using their link. The rewards or rebates they offer won’t necessarily make you rich but it can help you make a nice amount of money from items that you always buy anyway.

To help you decide on which sites are worth your time and effort, here’s a list of seven of the best sites that pay consumers to shop and how their programs work:

1. Ebates

Ebates lets you earn some cash back if you shop through the stores and links on their site. They are affiliated with more than a thousand online stores. You can earn as much as 25% of your cash back. This is a great site to join if you often shop online. After you click on checkout, expect the cash back in your account in a few days, usually five days at the most. You can transfer your earnings to your PayPal account or claim your payment by check every three months as long as you reach a minimum of $5.

2. Extrabux

Another noteworthy site that offers cashbacks for shopping via their site is Extrabux. With at least 2,500 partner stores, you can shop for any item you like under any category, from baby products to electronics. The site is user-friendly and easy to navigate and once you’ve entered your search items, you are shown the best deals from different sellers available for that product, including any discounts, coupons and the cash back offers. Cash backs can be as much as 30%. You can also connect via Facebook and they have a referral program which rewards you with $5 for getting others to sign up.

3. FatWallet

What helps FatWallet stand out from the rest is that it’s been recommended by authorities such as CNN and the New York Times. This means you’re assured that it’s completely legitimate and safe to use. Their cashback rates range from 15-28% for any number of sellers, including major retailers. Earnings can be withdrawn through PayPal with no minimum threshold. If you wish to withdraw your earnings via check though, there’s a required minimum of $10. You can also conveniently withdraw your earnings every week, if you wish. They have a referral program as well; you receive $20 for two people you refer.

4. Ibotta

Ibotta is highly rated by most consumers as they have several ways to earn rebates. One way is to shop online via their site and the cash back amount will be credited to your account in a few days. You may also download and use their app to scan the receipt for items you’ve purchased that are eligible. Ibotta is affiliated with various retailers including major stores. You can withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account for a minimum of $20 or you can get gift cards for at least $25. Their referral program also gives you $5 for every successful referral.

5. MyPoints

If you’re looking for a site that’s established with a solid reputation, MyPoints is an excellent choice. Aside from coupons and cashbacks, they offer many ways of earning points, including paid surveys, online games and even by surfing the net. Their referral program is one of the best in the market, at 25 points per referral and 10% of the earnings of your referral every month. For online shopping, MyPoints’ list of stores is extensive so you have plenty to choose from and they also have an app. You can exchange your points for cash via PayPal, gift cards, donations to some charities and air miles.

6. Swagbucks

Great for earning points through a variety of methods, Swagbucks will keep you interested in shopping online, playing games, answering surveys, surfing the net, referring people and other tasks. Since we’re focusing on online shopping, let’s expound on that more. You can earn points, called SBs (for SwagBucks) by shopping online from different retailers via their site. Cashback percentages range from 3-8% depending on the store. SBs can be exchanged for gift cards, including for PayPal and Amazon, and coupons. If you wish to convert your earnings to PayPal cash, you need at least 2,500 SBs equivalent to $25.

7. TopCashBack

TopCashBack is one of the newer sites on the market compared to its peers but it’s quickly building up a name for itself. With more than 3,000 retailer affiliates including major stores, you have quite a number of items for your selection. Even better is that their cash backs offered can go as high as 70%. Though it depends on the retailer, generally, their rates are much higher than other sites. Typically, however, it does take some time before you receive the rebate. To withdraw your earnings, you can use direct deposit, PayPal or Amazon gift cards and there’s no minimum amount.

The sites mentioned here are all perfectly good sites that can earn you some money for shopping online. Best of all, it’s easy to do and registration is free; there’s no cost to sign up. One important thing to note though is that for most cashback sites, after the cash is deposited to your account, you’ll still have to wait for a period of time, a few weeks, before you can withdraw the amount.

Points2Shop Review. Scam or legit company?

Points2Shop Review – Read This Before Signing Up!

Established in 2007, Points2Shop or P2S website can make you earn rewards for completing various online activities. These activities include signing up for trials, surveys and performing some tasks. The company has around 50 employees and located in Alpharetta, Georgia.

How Points2Shop works

Signing up with P2S is easy. All you need is sign up using your email address and activate membership via a link sent to your email. Not like other survey sites, there are no lengthy questions during the signup process.

During your first login, you will find the interface somewhat overwhelming and cluttered but don’t get threatened by this because you will spend most of your time on the “Earn Points” page. This page is a snapshot of the various ways you can earn points on this site. It lists several links to trial offers, surveys, tasks, and many more. Check back on this page from time to time to see the offers or latest surveys you can complete.

How you earn points

You earn 250 points just right after you sign up for P2S which is way beyond what other survey sites offer. There is no downtime for that.

The surveys are places where you can earn the biggest points. But as we all know, it’s not all the time you qualify for these surveys, a characteristic also found on other sites. Pre-survey questions can take up most of your time but upon finding a couple where you may qualify in, there is no way you cannot earn accumulated points. If you think that filling out surveys is boring, you can opt to do the offers.

At the “Earn Points” page you will see a link to “Trialpay” page. This page shows all available offers users can complete like:

  • Join i-Say panel and complete a survey within 24 hrs to earn 200 points
  • Take the Coke vs. Pepsi poll to earn a total of 50 points
  • Sign up for a free trial on Cinematrix for you to earn 300 points
  • Play 2 TV trivia games in order to earn 50 points
  • Sign up for free samples at CoolSavings to get 50 points

Some of these offers are free trials which you must cancel before it expires to prevent being charged for credit. Some offers would reward you for subscribing to a magazine or simply buying something.

Be cautious not to buy things you do not actually need, as any amount you spend may cancel out rewards you have earned. Therefore, it is advisable to stick to free trials so as not to be tempted or required to purchase anything.

Another way to earn points is downloading the P2S mobile app or sending in referrals. However, the site’s referral scheme is not really that rewarding. Some survey sites pay out $5 – $7 per referral while P2S has a more complex multi-tier referral structure which comes as an unreliable way of earning points for some users.

You can also complete micro tasks at the site’s “Recurring Tasks” which works similar to Amazon’s Mechanical that makes users earn some pennies. Oftentimes, you need to be good at a certain level in order to complete these tasks.

Aside from dealing with points, there is a possibility of earning actual cash by means of weekly lottery, monthly contests as well as referrals. Simply put, the best way to earn points is to complete surveys and signing up for various offers.

Types of Rewards & How to Redeem them

You can redeem your token low cost rewards like a P2S-branded pencils or earphones or redeem a dollar after earning 100 points. You will start receiving decent rewards after completing some surveys or sign ups. You may redeem points for several Amazon gift cards but you have to wait for it as P2S delivers the gift cards by mail. Best Buy or iTunes gift cards are provided electronically.

You can convert your cash amounts to points or withdraw them in order to get cash. If you get lucky and win in some of its contests or lotteries, you can withdraw your winnings through PayPal, dwolla, or ask to have your check delivered by mail. Minimum threshold for withdrawal is between $1 – $5.

The Pros

  • The P2S website has a wide variety of offers.
  • You can earn a good number of points by just completing several offers within a week instead waiting to qualify for surveys.
  • It only needs you to be organized in order to run through several offers.
  • You may opt for the “hidden” status to avoid annoying prompts or random messages once you log in.
  • Some would think that it is hard to qualify for surveys. But if you are patient enough, you may qualify for 150 or 250 big points.

The Cons  

  • The interface is cluttered that leaves some to comment they get lost or get distracted with what’s on it.
  • Some offers may redirect you to another survey site.
  • You will only earn points at surveys and the only time you’ll earn cash is by means of referrals, lotteries or monthly prizes.
  • Some trial offers associated with big points may require credit card information but you may opt not to join if you feel uncomfortable in doing so.

How to Optimize Your Experience

Once you join sites like P2S, there is a need to stay organized. Analyze what you signed up for and know the rules. Some benefits of rewards could be wiped out if you are not cautious like keeping your credit card information from the site.

It is highly suggested that you maintain a spreadsheet of the number of points, your date of sign up and when free trials will expire to make sure you don’t miss or lose anything or get penalized for a minute detail. This way, you may be able to optimize your experience and earning rewards will be sweeter. Another thing to keep in mind is read first before joining.

Swagbucks review

Swagbucks Review – Legitimate Paid Survey Website or Just a Scam?

In today’s world, almost everything has turned virtual. In line with this are paid online businesses that have proven their worth to stay at home individuals. The ever-growing popularity of home-based internet businesses proved to have offered many people earning opportunities just like joining surveys like Swagbucks.

Eyeing on the legitimacy of the Swagbucks is vital to those who are just thinking of joining in. While there have been several individuals who said that it is legit, some are still doubtful with regards to the purpose of its real existence, so let’s take a look.

Let’s start digging for some answers to find out what this survey site is all about and how it can work for you….

Our Swagbucks Review

Swagbucks has a catchy name and people who see it may wonder what it’s all about. As marketing departments are paid to catch the attention of possible target audiences, the unique name has caught the eyes of many searchers.

Once you enter the site, the company highlights the unique way it conducts surveys, pays the people who want to join in different ways, and provides its members with benefits in the form of gifts and rewards.

It has its own search engine that features functionalities like that of or Google. And while it says that there are ways to earn using this particular site, Swagbucks functions likewise as a real search engine.

What’s the real catch?

Swagbucks is in itself an online rewards platform that gives you Swagbucks, their virtual currency, for just using their own search engine. Now, this currency can be exchanged for free merchandize or gift cards at Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, and Starbucks. You can even exchange it for actual money via PayPal!

How does Swagbucks work?

  • First, you need to sign up.
  • Next, start using the search engine, just like you would with other search engines. Swagbucks Search Engine gets search results using Google or so the results are reliable.
  • After using any of these search engines, you will start receiving Swagbucks rewards every now and then.
  • Works only for citizens of the US, Australia, Canada, the UK, or Ireland.
  • The site only allows joiners of at least 13-years or older.

How to Make Money From Swagbucks

This sounds a bit strange, that’s why there are people who find this online paid surveys and rewards programs dubious even though that does not in itself mean it’s a scam.

Recently, the website has expanded its offerings and provided more ways to get rewards which include watching SBTV, the online video channel owned by the site, playing games and taking part in various paid online surveys. This is aside from simply using the platform’s search engine which translates to receiving your first Swagbuck.

More often, you will receive one or two Swagbucks each day, but there are times when the site awards you with more than four, although this rarely happens. Others may expect that using the search engine all day allows them to earn a streak of Swagbucks which is not a usual thing to happen.

The site does not reveal the process of allocating rewards but declares that these rewards can be obtained by calculating the amount of time you spent using the search engine per se and not by the number of searches performed.

Other ways to earn with Swagbucks

  • Referral Program: You can refer friends and earn up to 100 Swagbucks for each referral. However, your reward depends on the usage of the people you refer; they must use the service like a regular user. Referral reward points are in proportion to the regular involvement of each referral in activities required by the site.
  • Swag Codes: Among the quickest ways to stack up Swagbucks earnings is to search for Swag codes. This is a rewarding digital solid gold which you have to be good at finding. The code can be anywhere within the website, but the best place to look for them is at the official blog of Swagbucks.

Upon finding the code, you must put it into the box on the main page to claim the reward at once. If you are lucky enough, you may find more than one code in a day.

  • Sweepstakes: Contests that this site offer every now can bulk up your “Swag bank account”. Swagbucks offers a 25000SB worth of prize money for a Christmas contest. But to enter the race, you have to redeem a portion of your rewards.
  • Toolbar: The toolbar allows for earning Swagbucks easier as you get guaranteed but randomly rewards Swagbuck points once you open your browser. This is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. You just have to install it to get a dashboard for performing searches and separate tabs to access other reward programs.
  • Swagbucks TV: This in-house video channel is the answer to YouTube. Watching 10 videos gets you 3 SB. If you get to watch a lot of videos every day, you can earn more like earning up to 150SB per day.
  • Offers: As this site offers daily discounts and deals on various items, trying this would most likely make you save some money in the long run using an SB reward. Payout can be any amount of Swagbucks but it is not advisable to start buying things just to earn more rewards.
  • Surveys: You can take part in third party surveys. Normally, these surveys take longer to complete as compared to other SB-earning activities but the payout is larger on average.
  • Games: There are a huge number of flash games in the site which you can play and get paid out. Sometimes, you will have an opportunity to compete with other gamers for a bounty.
  • Trade-In: You can trade in your consoles, video games, or books for Swagbucks.
  • Daily goal: The site flashes the amount of your SB goal found at the meter of the home page. If you reach your goal, you will be entitled to an SB bonus.
  • Hourly Random Winner: The blog displays a random username and avatar hourly in its “Hourly Random Winner” section. If your name appears, you can click the link to claim your prize. Not seeing this means it forfeits your prize.

What You Can Earn

Visiting the Swagbucks reward store will make you see a whole lot of options to choose from which include:

  • Apparel & Accessories
  • Department Stores
  • Electronics
  • Food & Beverage
  • Fun & Games
  • Gas Cards
  • Health & Beauty
  • House & Home
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Travel

Note: You can only redeem your SBs after depositing your earnings for a period of at least a week. This is rule can be found at the terms and conditions which is common in survey panels and reward sites.


  • 100% free platform
  • A huge variety of prizes awaits you
  • Simple interface allows easy navigation for tasks and surveys


  • Search engine is not as fast as Google or Ask
  • Not available worldwide

Should you join?

If you are thinking of making a living out of this site, think again. This is not a full-time money-make for most people, but you can pick up some extra cash (well, Swagbucks).

This is definitely not for everybody to join but who says that you cannot earn while performing a search? Are other search engines offering the same thing? Do you expect to be offered rewards, prizes or gifts just as what this site can provide?

This site might just be the thing you need; however, you can do this on a relaxed mode and not to the mere purpose of earning big bucks. Performing tasks while having fun and earning money while doing it is never equal to a scam.

Toluna Review – Good Paid Survey Website Or Just A Scam?

With a panel of over 8,000,000 respondents, Toluna is one of the largest paid survey sites in the world. There are many reasons why this site is so popular but at the same time, it does have some drawbacks which can be discouraging to some people. Learn more about this paid survey site so you can judge for yourself whether to join or not., owned and operated by the Toluna Group Ltd, started in Paris, France but has grown internationally and is now also headquartered in Texas, USA. They have numerous partners among advertisers, big brands and research companies and the results of their studies are used for various marketing programs and the improvement of products and services.

How do you earn money on Toluna?

Joining Toluna is absolutely free and it’s very easy. You just need to fill out a form with your personal information. Like most large survey sites, Toluna also uses a points system to reward members for each task they finish. Once they’ve accumulated a certain number of points, they can redeem these points for various prizes. You can earn points on Toluna through paid surveys, sponsored polls or their referral program. On paid surveys, you simply answer a series of questions and this can take as little as 15 minutes or as long as 30 minutes. The number of points you’re awarded for a survey will vary depending on the length and kind of survey. Usually, it’s a minimum of 3,000 points equivalent to $1, or a maximum of 15,000 points or $5. For sponsored polls, on the other hand, you answer only one question and you are immediately awarded 15 points. Their referral program gives you 500 points for every person you refer who registers on the site. They also have monthly cash sweepstakes for active members.

What rewards can you get from Toluna and how do you claim the rewards?

There are many rewards offered on Toluna. You can receive gift cards from Amazon and iTunes, movie vouchers and cash which you can transfer to your bank or PayPal account. Vouchers or gift cards may be electronic or paper. Electronic vouchers will be sent to either your Toluna account or email address, while paper vouchers will be sent via mail to your address on profile. A minimum of 30,000 points is required for you to convert your points to rewards. Converting your points to cash is the easiest method since requesting for paper vouchers takes several weeks to process.

Toluna Pros:

– You receive a bonus 500 points when you first sign up.
– You are assured of receiving several survey invitations every week and even if you don’t qualify for a survey, you will still be given an entry into the monthly sweepstakes.
– One of the things that makes Toluna unique is their Giftie reward option. Gifties are virtual gifts which can become physical gifts and you can send these to anyone you know, including yourself.
– The minimum age for joining is 13 years old. The surveys sent to teenagers between 13 to 18 years old will also be limited to those appropriate for their age.
– They offer other interesting features on their website, like the polls, battles and thumb it. Toluna also lets you conveniently answer from mobile devices since they have a mobile app.

Toluna Cons:

– The main concern for Toluna’s members seems to be the 12 month expiration date for your points. This means that every time you receive points, you need to use them within 12 months or they will disappear from your account.
– Some members have also commented on the long processing time for receiving your rewards and a few have complained of not receiving their rewards at all.

Is Toluna a good paid survey website?

While there is no question that Toluna is legitimate, the site has received mixed reviews in general. If you’re looking to consistently answer paid surveys every week from an established survey site, Toluna could be a good choice for you. You have to be sure to claim your rewards, though, before your points expire and it might be best to convert your points to cash, as well, if you’re using this site. If you’d still prefer to receive physical merchandise, just be prepared to wait a few weeks.