SendEarnings Review – Is It Worth Your Time?

SendEarnings is a popular website that lets you earn rewards by taking surveys, redeeming coupons, completing tasks, accepting offers, watching videos, and so much more. Run by IndoxDollars, this online company is owned by CotterWeb Enterprises. You can easily start earn cash by signing up with your email address. The process will not take long because you just need to confirm your account activation via email, and you can begin earning right away.

You will notice the many links for surveys, offers, games, and more upon logging in. The only way to maximize your earnings is to spend most of your day completing tasks on SendEarnings. You will need a huge amount of patience, but the rewards are fulfilling.

How to Reach Your Money Goals Through SendEarnings

SendEarnings does not work similarly with other survey websites. Instead of rewarding points, you will receive the fruit of your efforts in cash. You should not feel discouraged when you see $0.50 of earning per survey. It has the same value as 50 points. The good thing about SendEarnings is that you will receive $5 right after signing up. You also get to complete tasts upon signing in, so you can earn more than $5 in just 10 minutes.

There are many ways to earn cash through SendEarnings. Some of them may give you a better return than others, but you may want to explore each task first, so you can strategize.


The offers posted on the SendEarnings website range from freebies to trials. This is, by far, the fastest way to earn money on this site. Offers usually include filling out interests or household surveys, joining Opinion Square, signing up for credit-monitoring agency Creditera, signing up for Summer Samples, and more. You can earn as much as $3.00 per task completed.


Surveys are great, but you need to qualify for them. The process can be frustrating. However, SendEarnings has a short pre-survey questionnaire, so you can easily see whether you qualify or not.


This is the most cost-effective option to earn money through SendEarnings. You need to join GSN games to receive cash back rewards. You also should understand that you do not earn money by just playing games, since you must be willing to buy them.


You can earn over $0.15 per day for using SendEarnings’ search engine. However, you can only earn if your search is qualified. The search engine is not fast, but using it will give you a painless way to earn money.


SendEarnings allow you to earn money by watching videos. This is also where you will receive the smallest amount of cash, letting you earn only $0.01.


SendEarnings does not pay you outright with this option. You will only receive a percentage of the total earnings from your referrals, usually around 10 percent.


This is a great way of making cash through the website. You will receive $0.10 for each coupon redeemed.

Reading Emails

Paid Emails are sent to your inbox several times a week. All you need to do is click on them and read, and you will earn cash. You are usually paid $0.10 per email read.

Small Tasks

You get paid for completing small tasks, such as identifying a photographic content or translating a phrase. It works similarly to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. This is not the best way to earn cash as the ROI is quite low, but this can be a great option if you want variation.

SendEarnings Payouts

SendEarnings will send your payouts in cash. Unlike other websites, this one does not send payouts electronically. They will mail you a check, with a minimum payout of $30. If you have plenty of time, then you can earn more.

Do not feel discouraged when you earn less than $50 per payout. Receiving cash for your efforts is often way better than being given points. You need to note that SendEarnings charge $3 for every payment as processing fee.

Is SendEarnings a Scam?

SendEarnings is not part of the Better Business Bureau. Its parent company, CotterWeb Enterprises, received an A+ rating on the organization. It may seem discouraging to complete tasks on SendEarnings, but the extra patience that you give will reap fulfilling rewards. If you have plenty of extra time, then this is your chance to earn extra and make your day productive.

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