Click4Surveys Review

Click4Surveys is a portal website that guides you to third-party survey websites that may pay you rewards points. This website serves as a middleman for businesses that advertise on their site to collect marketing data through customer feedback. Those who will participate in the survey or trials can select surveys from the many market research companies that advertise on the website. In return, participants receive gift cards, points, and other rewards from Click4Surveys partners.

Participation Requirements

All surveys have requirements that participants must meet for them to qualify. These include providing personal data like annual income, demographics, and more. Click4Surveys does not charge a participation fee. However, you need to be aware that these websites often sell personal information to third-party clients for added revenue.

You may also be required to pay a nominal fee for the product testing. If you fail to return the trial products before the set deadline, you will be charged in full. The surveys will not take long to accomplish, and may only take between 15 and 30 minutes. Invite notices are usually sent to your email.

Earning Money Through Click4Surveys

Click4Surveys has a professional-looking website design. It even looks more professional-looking than other online survey websites. While they do not promise to reveal the secrets to become rich when you sign up, they do indicate that their surveys can make you wealthy.

The first thing that you will notice when you come across the Click4Surveys website is the opening video for potential members. This video shows the various Click4Surveys members and their testimonials about how the website has changed their lives. These messages will entice potential members to sign up and see success happening on their computer monitor.

Another video shows a clean-looking guy wearing a business outfit. This person explains the Click4Surveys’ program, even going through the steps that you will take. It is a refreshing approach to attracting future members as many other survey sites remain a complete mystery until you sign up.

This guy states that the first step in the Click4Surveys program is an access to a wide range of the best online survey companies. He explained that this database cannot be seen anywhere else on the Internet, which gives you a higher chance of earning large sums of money. He did not, however, explain the need to sign up for each company after seeing this exclusive database. Signing up is time consuming and possibly confusing, but the results can be rewarding.

The second step of the program is selecting your preferred surveys to fill in. This professional-looking guy will make you believe that these surveys can make you earn big bucks. You need to note that you can only achieve your target earnings when you spend most of your day answering surveys. You should also know that you need to qualify for your chosen survey first before you can answer.

The third and final step that the guy in business suit presented is the payout. He said that members can receive their payouts through paypal, or a check. However, you need to hit a certain amount of earned money before the company sends it to you in cash. This means you need to hit the minimum earning requirement of your chosen online survey company before you can receive the payment.

You should also take note that each company has a different payout rate. Some companies have a payout rate of $30, while others require as high as $50. If you earn around $0.20 per survey, then it will take some time before you can receive your payment.

Legit or Not?

Click4Surveys is a legit online survey portal website. The membership process is quick and easy. The website even has a welcome video for its potential members, which includes a professional-looking man giving a step-by-step process on the survey program.

By now, you should know that each online survey company has a different payout rate, which is given either as a check or through PayPal. You need to hit this minimum requirement before you can receive your payment. This type of money-earning option is time-consuming. If you are somebody who was plenty of extra time, then you can make your day productive by joining Click4Surveys and earn your cash in no time.

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