Survey Spot Review: Is it worth it?

People gather to the web to look for some jobs that can help them upgrade their way of life. They spend time researching for ways to earn money which can be done at home. These people include students, or part-time and full-time moms. Since there are so many online paid surveys these days, these individuals find it hard to differentiate the real ones from the otherwise.

This dilemma can be cut short if there is knowledge in determining the legitimacy of these sites. Information found on homepages is not all the time complete; loopholes leave people to doubt the credibility of paid survey sites. However, other online survey platforms like Survey Spot that has been tested by many as among those that can augment their incomes.

With this thought in mind, let us take time to see what it is capable of.

Survey Spot Review

Facts and figures

Survey Spot is considered by many as among the biggest paid surveys in the market research trade today if not the best. Since its inception in 1977, it remained as a reliable site the marketing industry has known.

This company is affiliated with big research and marketing organizations that need surveys essential in conducting various corporate studies. Survey Spot provides data for fields such as small businesses, entertainment, publication and publication.

These companies take interest in what ordinary people say about their industry. The outcomes of the process are then used to improve their trade. This is a way of bringing upgraded products or services to the masses which means good quality will soon be at hand.

How you can get started

This paid survey site is open to U.S. residents only. Registering as a member doesn’t require upfront payment. You just have to fill out an online membership form and wait until it is approved; after which you can start working right away.

You can begin with a number of invites like 20 normal surveys in a month’s time. Surveys usually last approximately 10-20 minutes based on your speed and length of the questionnaires. Survey invites are received on your email and sent back using the same mode.

Can you make money with Survey Spot?

For each completed survey form you will around 50 to 100 points. Collect points until you reach the minimum cash out amount as stipulated by site rules. Some say that gathering 1,000 points is enough to reward you with your earnings. How good can it be (you might ask this yourself)?

Claiming rewards has two ways:

  • Receive Amazon e-Vouchers which you can pay for our ordered Amazon items. You will receive your e-Vouchers after 48 hours while physical vouchers take 10 business days to arrive.
  • Accumulate points and convert them into cash. For each 1,000 points accrued, you earn $10 which is sent through your PayPal account.

Other rewards offered by Survey Spot are airline miles and iTunes e-Vouchers. The huge opportunities it offers can be endless if you are patient in waiting for your inbox invites. Being a new member has its perks as well. You may receive an upfront entry to the site’s $25,000 cash sweepstakes.

There are other entries that you can take advantage of after completing your surveys. The site offers an instant win plays that allows you to a scratch card or slot machine game and a chance to win extra prizes.

Is Survey Spot Legit?

Survey Spot is way better than other online paid surveys. It maintains a higher scale of payment rates and as long as probable survey takers live in the U.S., they can join anytime. Points are easy to accumulate and if you get lucky to have completed 10 surveys, you get an easy 100 points for $10.

However, not everyone can get the best of luck. Sometimes, the time frame for some surveys is not perfect for the extra time you have. This could be one of the reasons that other people get down moments when it comes to reaching their target income. It has to be understood that invitation to do a survey is erratic and not a scheduled thing.

Some would compare it with other online jobs which others earn money from. But these jobs involve skills and creativity like that of graphic arts designers, SEO writing or online accounting. Answering surveys does not require any technology know-how except for knowledge in working on a PC and answering a set of questions.


This site pays rewards immediately as soon as you are done with your survey and it is unlike other companies that make you wait until your answers are fully assessed before you get paid. With all this information stated, this company is considered as a reliable source of additional income for you and your family. Rest assured you get paid and as long as you are fast in answering their sent questionnaires, you should be fine for some extra cash!

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