Zoom Panel Review – Can You Make Money With It?

We started reviewing different sites that can pay you money out of surveys. We found out that online review sites differ in so many ways ranging from rates, payment options, tasks and also types of payments involved. Some reviewers are paid in kind while others prefer cash payments.

Now, let’s see how Zoom Panel fares in comparison with others of its kind. Is this site really capable of making you earn cash or plain gifts or rewards?

Zoom Panel Facts

Zoom Panel is a community of consumers sharing opinions and insights about products and services wherein incentives received in the form of rewards.

As a membership-based site, it allows fast and free sign up. You only need to answer a number of questions like personal information after which you can start earning rewards.

It claims to have a huge variety of survey topics to choose from and very rewarding. Earning points is easy once you have done your tasks.

Each point you make are stored automatically on your account which you can view anytime. This process motivates many members to do more quality work and to focus on creating more.

This site assists companies in decision-making as to what colors are good in creating their brands and products, the kind of ad they should use to show how their products have greater value than other competition.

Businesses that aim for this are willing to pay the price to get people to review their trade that’s why the site only takes in those who can create credible survey fill-ups. By simply gathering consumer opinions, services or products of client companies will have a more stable presence in the market.

It has a world class Member Care team working round the clock to ensure members are get satisfaction in every reviewing experience.

Rewards and Offers

In contrast to what other reviews say, the Zoom Panel site has limited rewards and offers. It specializes more on providing Amazon gift cards but also pays out in cash. As the company mostly deals with seller sites, they find that reviewers would gladly receive items or products they have reviewed rather than anything else. The company might have thought that they have offered the best rewards.

They are also likely to reward you with the latest books and movies, appliances, electronics or home décor. At times they would ask you if you prefer to send your rewards to charitable donations.

Rewards may come from legitimate businesses which make other members think it is worth their time. Of course, not all members think the same; just like the difference of each site, there are pros and cons.

The company has done away with the long wait for mailed check payments. After completing a survey, rewards are loaded instantly into members’ personal accounts. Members may keep track of the balance and can cash out using Zoom Panel’s Member Center.

Customer Reviews

The site does not contain customer review which is a vital factor in determining the legitimacy of review site. Those who may be interested in joining need to read reviews or comments from other users as well as the claimed benefits of the company.

But although customer reviews are not visible on this site, there are several out there where you can read before deciding to make a career out of this type of task.

Privacy Policy

Zoom Panel has a Private Policy section found on the lower portion of the homepage which makes it look legit. People may want to stay informed where their information is spread.

Company Information

Information provided within the site equates to reliability. The site has all information about its company that people may use in contacting to gather more details. There is a phone number to call you can use to interact with real human beings unlike other sites that allows communicating through automated voicemails or a robot.

The company maintains honest communications so that what people want to know about earnings and duration of surveys can be explained further. This eliminates doubts on the part of potential members.
Customer service 

Customer care for this panel is 24/7. The site’s Member Services team is readily available to provide assistance for all its members.

The verdict

This site is a good one for people who want to earn money out of taking surveys. It has everything you need to know, from information to assistance, up to what you need to know about the payment schemes. Go for it!

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