Vindale Research – Our Detailed Review

There is a great demand for online surveys which explains the mushrooming of survey websites. However, you have to be cautious on the sites you choose to write surveys for because not all can provide you what you wish for and that is legit earnings. Some would declare earnings for their writers while some never mentions it.

While others are saying that earnings are easy to claim, other websites maintain rules that are not properly explained to their members which is a reason for writers to declare that they are being duped by certain online sites.

Vindale is one of the sites that offer payment after reviews are delivered. To determine if it is a scam, we have prepared some facts so you may know if it scams people or not. See if this site is good for you or not.

What you want to know about Vindale Research

This website rewards people who share feedbacks regarding consumer brands and its members earn cash out of market research surveys. The company says that it has been in existence for the past decade and has a wide survey community that spans the U.K., U.S., Australia and Brazil.

What they offer

Derive earnings from email marketing incentives, product testing, paid surveys and many other tasks. The site encourages new members and those who are likely to join the site to contact their web page to know more about the company and the assignments they engage and other future opportunities. It also invites potential members to see other things that the site offers.

These are among the good qualities of a legit website. Everything is laid on the plate and all there is to know is disseminated. This is unlike other sites that would keep members wondering what to do next.

How it works

Each new member is given a $2 sign up bonus which motivates them to be productive. They know the effort used by its members in undertaking assignments that is why they dole out a bonus of $5 for sending a picture with their smiling faces after payment has been received. Membership is free and you can use 3 steps to get paid for your reviews or opinions.

How you can earn

You can earn in many ways through Vindale Research. You can earn through the following means:

  • Surveys: There is a wide assortment of topics and you can pick anything from A to V. You can always check you inbox or visit the site for more opportunities. Each survey varies on the length and the number of eligible panelists involved and can earn you from $0.25 to $50.

Eligible panelists are those who have more experience or knowledge on survey topics. Members are asked qualifying questions to make sure they are using expertise in creating their materials. Eligibility may vary depending on knowledge, gender, or age level because there are topics that consider specific qualities. Members must also be 18 years or more and live in the countries previously mentioned.

  • Daily Deals: You can learn while you enjoy earning once you join the Vindale community within its site or on Facebook. There are many cash challenges, alerts, polls, and updates you can derive money from.
  • Referral Program: Each friend you refer to the company makes you gain additional $5. So, you can share the link to anybody who is interested to join and earn on the side.
  • Photos: You can brag about your earnings by sending in a photo or a video of yourself together with the Vindale payment you received and get an easy $5.
  • Reward Mail: Earn by reading paid emails. You can do this by opting to click Reward Mail using your email preferences in order to open and view several paid promotional messages.
  • Vindale Videos: Click on PLAY to enjoy video surveys for more earnings. To know if you are eligible, look for the VIDEOS tab within your Surveys page.

On this site, you will not earn points or gift cards, but cash. The management knows that members joined to earn money and that they know that each of them want to have the liberty of spending on what they really need. Nevertheless, aside from garnering some good reviews, the site has its own downsides according to several members.

It has members who complained about delayed payments. They claimed that it took them time to receive their earnings and that time consumed for waiting was really huge. Satisfied members say the otherwise. They claim that patience must be an inherent virtue and waiting for their payment to come was not really a big deal.

The delay of payment may lie on misinformation regarding the eligibility rules that the site has posted. Therefore, it is essential to check on every little detail on how things are done or who can undergo this and that before continuing with the process.

Furthermore, the site uses PayPal which is one of the most trusted payment venues reliable websites use. Information about this company’s locations is seen on its pages which makes it more of a legit site rather than a scam.

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