OnePoll Review – Should Your Try It?

The OnePoll research panel is a huge online community of professionals and consumers based in the U.S and the U.K. It has access to international panelists using its network of partners. This company creates tailored online brand surveys for companies that have their own target markets or database.

It claims to have various specialist panels such as MumPoll, SilverPoll, YoungPoll, StudentPoll, and ExecPoll that allows profiling which targets segmentation of individuals into demographic communities. The categories in more detail;

  • MumPoll: Mum panelists lend expertise and insight on raising children and include all challenges that mothers face each day.
  • YoungPoll: This is most ideal to child market research, and also includes the youth and family audiences. Children 6 to 15 years of age are registered and referred with full parental or guardian consent to share opinions and thoughts.
  • SilverPoll: This particular demographic deals with individuals aged over 50 in the U.K. which is around 20 million. Panelists on this category provide insights for a wide range of topics.
  • StudentPoll: Poll members on this panel include graduates and under graduates and also post graduate or further education students. The wide range of ages provides a more in-depth account for people of their generation.
  • ExecPoll: Profiling points for this panel of professionals include position, salary and job status. This panel reaches out to decision-makers, retail workers, the public sector, and other specific professions.

OnePoll has been voted by Money Saving Expert members as belonging to the top 10 survey sites. The site is engaged in the following:

  1. Online quantitative research: Uses sample sizes from 500 to more than 5,000. Its simplified quantitative research deals with a research project, recruits respondents from its own panel and conducts online study to deliver the exact data. It works with business establishments, organizations and agencies across all sectors. The company helps by conducting consumer study that creates a better understanding of consumers’ purchasing habits which aids in establishing client companies as industry leaders.
  1. Branded surveys: It creates a personalized online survey for clients who aim to gather data from their own target audiences which mean providing cost-effective solutions by using its clients’ own employees, customers and site visitors. It has software that provides questionnaires with broken down data points after which results are delivered using clear data tables allowing for easy analysis.
  1. International research: This company is capable of polling global online panelists and has provided research projects across Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and the Americas. It has its own team of translators and dedicated account managers that provide precise results.
  1. Press releases: The company has worked with various PR and communications teams for quite a time now and have supplied the national media with PR surveys with unique data-led content that are published ad shared across many channels that aim to grab attention within the busy media landscape.
  1. Data visualization: This company does not only deal with research projects submitted in data points. It is also capable of providing data visualization which appeals to so many client companies worldwide due to ease of interpretation. It uses software that generates charts and graphics in its reporting and presentation while it utilizes in-house designers create reports in the form of infographics, animations and other interactive materials.

OnePoll is among the many survey sites out there. With all the promotions for this site,  there is an crucial need to read customer reviews and privacy policy so that you don’t get scammed.

You may note that the site includes and explains each category of panelists they employ and where they use it for. This is very essential when choosing sites like this because you can see how it differentiates the role it plays.

The website also contains customer reviews which helps ease up future clients when it comes to reliability and guaranteed results. This tells you how credible their survey platform is which translates to a cost-effective and sure way of branding your products the right way.

However, for those who are looking to earn from this site, this surely is not for you. It has its own panelists and those who may earn should become a member. You may sign up as a member to join a certain poll. This site has a privacy policy section which is present in other legitimate platforms. This takes away doubts in employing its services.


So far, the company has provided all information on how they operate, the specific category of panelists they use and which services they engage in. This means, it is not a scam website and capable of handling and delivering results to its clients.

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