Points2Shop Review – Read This Before Signing Up!

Established in 2007, Points2Shop or P2S website can make you earn rewards for completing various online activities. These activities include signing up for trials, surveys and performing some tasks. The company has around 50 employees and located in Alpharetta, Georgia.

How Points2Shop works

Signing up with P2S is easy. All you need is sign up using your email address and activate membership via a link sent to your email. Not like other survey sites, there are no lengthy questions during the signup process.

During your first login, you will find the interface somewhat overwhelming and cluttered but don’t get threatened by this because you will spend most of your time on the “Earn Points” page. This page is a snapshot of the various ways you can earn points on this site. It lists several links to trial offers, surveys, tasks, and many more. Check back on this page from time to time to see the offers or latest surveys you can complete.

How you earn points

You earn 250 points just right after you sign up for P2S which is way beyond what other survey sites offer. There is no downtime for that.

The surveys are places where you can earn the biggest points. But as we all know, it’s not all the time you qualify for these surveys, a characteristic also found on other sites. Pre-survey questions can take up most of your time but upon finding a couple where you may qualify in, there is no way you cannot earn accumulated points. If you think that filling out surveys is boring, you can opt to do the offers.

At the “Earn Points” page you will see a link to “Trialpay” page. This page shows all available offers users can complete like:

  • Join i-Say panel and complete a survey within 24 hrs to earn 200 points
  • Take the Coke vs. Pepsi poll to earn a total of 50 points
  • Sign up for a free trial on Cinematrix for you to earn 300 points
  • Play 2 TV trivia games in order to earn 50 points
  • Sign up for free samples at CoolSavings to get 50 points

Some of these offers are free trials which you must cancel before it expires to prevent being charged for credit. Some offers would reward you for subscribing to a magazine or simply buying something.

Be cautious not to buy things you do not actually need, as any amount you spend may cancel out rewards you have earned. Therefore, it is advisable to stick to free trials so as not to be tempted or required to purchase anything.

Another way to earn points is downloading the P2S mobile app or sending in referrals. However, the site’s referral scheme is not really that rewarding. Some survey sites pay out $5 – $7 per referral while P2S has a more complex multi-tier referral structure which comes as an unreliable way of earning points for some users.

You can also complete micro tasks at the site’s “Recurring Tasks” which works similar to Amazon’s Mechanical that makes users earn some pennies. Oftentimes, you need to be good at a certain level in order to complete these tasks.

Aside from dealing with points, there is a possibility of earning actual cash by means of weekly lottery, monthly contests as well as referrals. Simply put, the best way to earn points is to complete surveys and signing up for various offers.

Types of Rewards & How to Redeem them

You can redeem your token low cost rewards like a P2S-branded pencils or earphones or redeem a dollar after earning 100 points. You will start receiving decent rewards after completing some surveys or sign ups. You may redeem points for several Amazon gift cards but you have to wait for it as P2S delivers the gift cards by mail. Best Buy or iTunes gift cards are provided electronically.

You can convert your cash amounts to points or withdraw them in order to get cash. If you get lucky and win in some of its contests or lotteries, you can withdraw your winnings through PayPal, dwolla, or ask to have your check delivered by mail. Minimum threshold for withdrawal is between $1 – $5.

The Pros

  • The P2S website has a wide variety of offers.
  • You can earn a good number of points by just completing several offers within a week instead waiting to qualify for surveys.
  • It only needs you to be organized in order to run through several offers.
  • You may opt for the “hidden” status to avoid annoying prompts or random messages once you log in.
  • Some would think that it is hard to qualify for surveys. But if you are patient enough, you may qualify for 150 or 250 big points.

The Cons  

  • The interface is cluttered that leaves some to comment they get lost or get distracted with what’s on it.
  • Some offers may redirect you to another survey site.
  • You will only earn points at surveys and the only time you’ll earn cash is by means of referrals, lotteries or monthly prizes.
  • Some trial offers associated with big points may require credit card information but you may opt not to join if you feel uncomfortable in doing so.

How to Optimize Your Experience

Once you join sites like P2S, there is a need to stay organized. Analyze what you signed up for and know the rules. Some benefits of rewards could be wiped out if you are not cautious like keeping your credit card information from the site.

It is highly suggested that you maintain a spreadsheet of the number of points, your date of sign up and when free trials will expire to make sure you don’t miss or lose anything or get penalized for a minute detail. This way, you may be able to optimize your experience and earning rewards will be sweeter. Another thing to keep in mind is read first before joining.

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