Pinecone Research Review – Legit Surveys or Total Time Scam?

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If there’s one paid survey site that has distinguished itself from the rest, it’s Pinecone Research. While it’s a well-known fact that on most survey sites, you can be screened out in the middle of a survey, on Pinecone Research, you have the assurance that you will not be disqualified from any survey you’ve started answering.

This survey site is owned and operated by the Nielsen Company, one of the leading trusted market research firms which has been around for several years. Pinecone Research has a panel of online respondents who become exclusive members of the site via invitation. This means it’s not that easy to join this site though it is free and they offer exceptional rewards.

What are the different ways to earn points?

1. Paid surveys

The best way to earn money on this site is by answering their paid surveys. A survey usually lasts around 15 minutes and they’re one of the sites that offer the best fees for completed surveys, a minimum of $3, to $5 or more depending on the type and length of the survey. At the start of your membership, you are asked to give your details and information so they can match your profile to specific target markets their advertisers are looking for. With this data, they will only send you surveys that you are absolutely qualified for so you will not be screened out while answering the survey. However, this does limit the number of surveys you can receive so don’t expect to receive surveys every day.

2. Product testing

You may also be chosen to join product tests. A product is sent to you for free for you to try out and you get paid after you give your feedback and narrate your experience while using the product. These product tests pay considerably more than paid surveys but don’t also happen that often so it’s best to take the chance whenever one is offered.

What rewards can you exchange for the points and what is the redemption system?

The rewards system is pretty straightforward. Once you’ve finished the survey or completed the product test, your points are credited to your account on the next business day at the latest. After that, you can already exchange your points for cash or you can select an item from their product catalog, which offers a lot of interesting options. If you wish to be paid via cash, you will need a PayPal account. You can also choose to receive your cash via check but this takes longer. PayPal is usually the quickest and easiest method. To claim your reward, log in to the website and submit your request. Processing of your request may take 3-5 business days.

Pinecone Research Pros:

– The minimum withdrawal amount is only $1. Considering that you’re paid at least $3 for every survey you finish, you won’t need to accumulate more points just to withdraw your earnings.
– The surveys sent to you are those you are already eligible for so you are assured of getting paid as long as you finish the survey. Survey notifications are also sent to your email.
– Their customer service team is friendly and efficient. Some members have commented that on the rare occasion that they had any issues, these were dealt with in a timely and professional manner.
– Their redemption process is among the smoothest and quickest especially when you use PayPal.
– Their site is easy to understand and offers a lot of useful information which answers most issues.

Pinecone Research Cons:

– Currently, they do not have a mobile site or app and their website’s interface is not as modern or attractive as other sites.
– Like other survey sites, membership is restricted to only one account per household.
– The greatest drawback to this site is their sign up process. Since they’re not always open for membership, you have to wait for your window of opportunity. You can also look for a member who can refer you or browse the Internet for a site that has a sign-up link to the Pinecone research site.

Is Pinecone Research a legit paid survey site?

There is no doubt that Pinecone Research is one of the best paying survey sites out there, plus they are backed by an established market research company. Depending on your point of view, the exclusive nature of their site could be an advantage or a disadvantage. It’s not easy to join but once you do, the rewards are substantial compared to other sites and their redemption system is easy.

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