E-Rewards Review – How Does it Compare?

E-Rewards Review

There are dozens of paid survey sites online and the right survey sites can give you a pretty decent second income, but there are also many sites that make it difficult to earn any money and some are outright scams. If you're not careful you can end up putting a lot of hours into one of these sites and get nothing or almost nothing out of it.

E-Rewards isn't exactly a scam, but E-Rewards is not a good site to make money from. Check out this list of pros and cons to find out why:


  • E-Rewards is an authentic survey site
  • It is possible to get surveys that pay more than the industry standard


  • Poor rewards selection - They have no Paypal, cash or Visa rewards
  • The minimum payout is $60 - This is about twice as high as the standard minimum payout rate and much higher than some sites
  • The individual survey payouts are misleading - Your payment for each survey is said to be in dollars, but it costs $60 to get a $25 gift card. This means you're getting paid something more like 40 cents for every dollar they say they're giving you
  • The payout for screening you out is misleading - They tell you they give you $0.25 every time you're declared ineligible for a survey, but the payment system is the same as above, so at that math you're really getting more like $0.10 for every survey you get screened out of
  • Many users have complained about rarely qualifying for surveys, which makes it extremely difficult to actually make money through this site
  • Users have reported being screened out of surveys after 20-30 minutes of answering questions
  • The screening process is actually blended with the survey - This means you never know if you'll get to complete the survey or how long the survey will take
  • E-Rewards has a D+ BBB score - This dramatically low score is because they have had 137 customer complaints registered with BBB and they have also failed to honour their accreditation.
The Verdict

With so many negative reviews, an uncertain screening process and a completely misleading payout system, E-Rewards is not a great survey site to spend your time on. There are a handful of positive reviews, but if you want to try the site you'll have to seek out a personal invitation from one of their partner programs. That's a lot of effort for a site with generally poor payouts.

If you've already been invited to E-Rewards it might be worth checking out, but make sure you do the math carefully and see if their surveys are actually worth your time.

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