Ebates Review – Still A Viable Way To Make Money?

If you enjoy online shopping then Ebates is something you may have considered looking into. There are many sites online that are similar to Ebates though, so why should you go with them? Or, why shouldn’t you? Although Ebates is the most well-known and oldest site of its kind, there are still both pros and cons to take into consideration. Keep reading to find out more of what you should know!

What is Ebates?

Ebates is basically a supersized affiliate marketer. You shop through Ebates affiliates in order to get cash back from your purchases. The best part is, you're goign to make those purchases ANYWAY, but with eBates, you can get a small cash back payment on those purchases. It's almost like getting bonus discount.

Who are the Ebates affiliates?

Some of the current Ebates discounts and cashback deals available as of 9th January 2017!...

ebates affiliate program

^^ Impressive big name online stores right?

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Why do big name stores like Amazon and Best Buy become affiliates of Ebates?

It's a no-brainer for these stores. Ebates members (you) are far more likely to shop at the participating affiliates if you know you are going to get cash back on your purchase. These stores actually pay Ebates a small commission for bringing customers like yourself to their business.

When you make a purchase through a special Ebates portal that you get access to when signing up to Ebates, Ebates gets a small commission from the retailers you buy through (like Amazon) and then Ebates share that commission with you (they take some for themselves for managing the program) and pay you some of their commission as well. It's a complete win-win!

You get cash back that you would otherwise not have received had you not been an Ebates member, Ebates makes a small commission for bring the customer to the business and the business gets the new customer purchase or purchases. So even for big name businesses like Amazon and Best Buy, being able to bring in more customers

How to I earn with Ebates?

As mentioned above, simply put, each time you make a purchase from Ebates, their affiliates give them a commission. Ebates then pays you a cash back amount out of their commission.

So, let’s say that you go to Ebates and make a purchase for an Amazon product...

Because you got the product by following a special (and simple) link provided by Ebates, Ebates is paid a commission by Amazon...

Ebates then pay you cash back.

Shopping through Ebates is 100% free and everybody wins. Ebates gets money for advertising, you get cash back and the actual store gets the money from your purchase.

How to Shop With Ebates

Shopping with Ebates is simple and beneficial. All you have to do is go to the site and sign up. The only thing you need to sign up is a valid email address. From there you will be given a list of $10 gift cards to choose from. Once you make a purchase of $25 your choice of gift card will be sent to you. So not only do you get cash back from your purchase, you also get a free ten bucks!

Getting your payments from Ebates is as easy as opening up a PayPal account. There are a great many benefits to having a PayPal account other than getting your Ebates payments. You can use PayPal for most anything you can use a debit or credit card for. Plus, PayPal offers its own benefits for shopping online!

Once you log into your Ebates account you will find there are tons of places to shop. You can browse your store options or do a pinpoint search. The All Stores icon will allow you to search each and every store Ebates is affiliated with. Once you are done shopping your cash back points will load automatically and can be seen on your account page in less than 24 hours.

How Ebates Pays You

The pro to Ebates is that you really do get paid for shopping with them. However, there is a con involved as well. Your cash back monies will accrue over time and is paid out without a hassle but you do only get paid four times per year. It's not like you get a weekly paycheck but still, you're potentially getting free money four times per year for shopping at the same online stores you usually would shop at regardless. Can't argue with that!

This is simply how Ebates works. No matter what method of payment you choose, payment is still four times per year. You can use PayPal or snail mail but even though you have to wait for your money, PayPal is obviously the way to go.

How To Make More Money With Ebates

In addition to earning money with the cash back program, Ebates also pays for referrals and are fairly generous in this aspect. The bonuses vary from time to time but as a guide, here is the January-March 2017 bonus program:

ebates referral program

For every two people you refer to them you get $50. After that, each new referral you make gets you an extra $5. And when it’s time for you to get paid, if you are feeling charitable Ebates will pay your money to the charity of your choice.

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Through referrals, you not only get paid when you shop, but also for helping others get paid to shop. Know some family and friends that would like some cash back? Just share the Ebates program and you all win!

More Ebates Pros

While there are definite pros listed above, there are many more for you to take into consideration. Of course the number one pro is that you earn cash back for shopping and buying items that you would buy elsewhere anyway.

Going out to a regular store will cost you time to get ready to go out in public, time looking for what you need once you arrive at your destination and gas money to get there. So shopping with Ebates saves you time. The only cost you will have for shopping Ebates is the time you spend logging in which is a matter of mere seconds compared to potentially hours at regular stores. You don’t have to leave your house and you don’t even have to interact with anyone.

Knowing how much money you earn isn’t hard to figure out. Each store displays the cash back value clearly not once, but twice. The first time occurs when you look at the potential purchase item and then again before checking out.

In addition to this, their customer service is excellent should you happen to have any questions or problems. The Better Business Bureau will confirm this.

Finally, you can feel confident in shopping through Ebates since it has been around for 16 years (since 2000). With it being so simple to open up stores online, the turnover rate for internet companies is high. Knowing that Ebates has been with you for so long is a definite pro.

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The Cons of Ebates

Fortunately there are far more pros than there are cons when it comes to Ebates but in order to provide an honest review the cons must also be explored. While the BBB shows a company that is on top of their game, it also shows that there have been cases of missed cash back payments. In fact, this is the most common complaint filed by Ebates users. When you are dealing with tens of thousands of members and over 2000 affiliate stores, there are bound to be some issues. THis is not at all surprising is it.

However, the good news is that their customer service officials seem to handle these issues with a fast and friendly attitude.

While there are tons of stores to shop in, not all items are valid for cash back. For instance, if you go to Amazon to purchase a laptop you may find that it doesn’t qualify for cash back. Why? Because each website affiliate only allows you to shop for cash back in specific categories. The bottom line is that before you make any purchases on Ebates to make sure that you will earn cash back. This is not a "get paid cashback on every purchase" program. But at least now you know that before signing up!

Is Ebates Legit?

In the end, shopping with Ebates is a good proposition. The pros well outweigh the cons and being able to get rewarded for buying things that you need anyway is a fantastic way to earn a little extra money. You can’t get that kind of deal shopping in real time! Ebates is 100% legitimate and one of the few online businesses where you do not have to be concerned about getting scammed.

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