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CashCrate Review

With more than 200 million users worldwide, CashCrate is one of the most popular online survey sites on the World Wide Web. While there are various activities available to do on this site, the majority of money made is through the completion of surveys, and the registering and subscribing to promotions and offers by corporations.

How To Make Money With CashCrate

In addition to making money from taking surveys you can also earn income by:

1. Reading emails

2. buying from websites affiliated with CashCrate

3. Referring people to the site

4. Playing different games

5. Socializing with other CashCrate members

6. Entering and winning contests sponsored by the site.

Fusion Cash and Inbox Dollars are sites that are similar to CashCrate.

Key CashCrate Features

Here are some key features offered for CashCrate users:

  • CashCrates has both free offers and credit card offers.
  • Earn income by taking surveys, playing games, participating in research, reading corporate emails, socializing with other CashCrates users, winning and entering contests and shopping at affiliate websites.
  • Earn your first dollar simply by registering a new CashCrates account.
  • Get paid once per month with a minimum payout of $20.
  • Each activity earns you between one cent to $20 each.
  • Earn money from referring others to CashCrates. When your referrals earn money, you do as well. For each referral you make, you get 20% of their earnings. For their referrals, you earn 10%.
  • Anyone aged 13 or older is able to join the site.
What are the Pros of CashCrate?

Unlike other similar websites such as Fusion Cash, CashCrates is much more intuitive and user friendly. The site itself takes very little time loading and there is not much clutter to be seen. The results page containing offers only has nine results on each page and contains no flashy graphics or logos. Basically they get right to the point of the site and stay there without any extra added visual stimulation to cause confusion.

Next to each of the listed offers in the result page there are clear descriptions that include whether or not a credit card is necessary for completion or if it is free. There are a great many offers to choose from and the variety is quite extensive with some very cool rewards. Some examples are airline tickets, insurance quotes, gift cards from big names such as Target and Costco. Choosing free offers will get you cash up to $3 while credit card offers will earn you up to $5.

When it comes to referrals, CashCrate has one of the very best referral programs hands down. All direct referrals pay you 20%. For referrals made by your referrals you get another 10%. Earning some of your money in this way can help create a constant flow of income ad all by watching referrals build up and taking surveys.

How much can you earn with CashCrate?

There are some CashCrate users that have reported earning up to $1000 per month although this is not typical. Each person will get differing results depending on many factors such as where they are from (Western users get more offers), what you sign up for and how much time and effort you can (or are willing) to put into the job.

Once you have been on the site working for a month you will have a better idea of what you will be able to earn with the time you have.

What are the Cons of CashCrate?

No matter how great any of these websites are, an honest review always offers the cons of a site as well; and there are always cons.

The first drawback is that this is not a get rich quick program. You're not going to get big payouts early on or for doing only a little bit of work. You earn from CashCrate through being consistent.

Earning the $20 payout minimum can take days to reach depending on how active you are on the site, so if you're after super-quick cash in a day or so, CashCrate is not your best option.

A typical user can make around $100 per month for just one hour per day. That's $1200 extra per year from the comfort of your home!

Next on the con list is spam. When you're using the site, just be sure not to opt into too many follow-up emails or else your inbox might get a little crowded. Just be sensible and you should be fine though. Most of these complaints seem to be from people who have been too "click happy" when taking surveys.

Even though CashCrate is available all over the world, their main targets are those from Western countries, typically in North America. People in this area get many offers to do surveys while those in other places of the world do not get many at all. Knowing this, if you do not live in North America then this may not be the best option for paid surveys for you.

CashCrate Real or Fake?

Looking over the bulk of the CashCrate reviews, it is clearly a popular site and according to the majority, a good option for doing paid surveys. While you only get paid once per month, their payments are fast and hassle free. You may not get rich quick with it, but you can earn ongoing income from the comfort of home. Not bad for taking a few surveys right?

Is CashCrate Legit?

The offers and surveys are pretty interesting and unique when compared to other paid survey sites. There is great diversity in offer options and the site is quite reliable overall. CashCrate thus gets a thumbs up.

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