What are the Best Paid Survey Sites?

Getting paid to take surveys sounds like the ultimate dream job but every survey site is different and many are either scams or require so much work they’re not worth the pennies you can make. Yet other survey sites can become excellent sources from income. So how do you tell them apart?

Well, before signing up for any paid survey opportunity—or any other work at home opportunity—it’s always a good idea to Google “<insert company name> sucks” or “<insert company name> scam” and read through a variety of reviews before you make a major time commitment to any one site.

But be careful as what you’ll typically find what you’re looking for online. So if you specifically look for “scam” information, there’s sure to be someone out there that has written about the topic.

Be sure to check a variety of sources and make up your own mind on the legitimacy of each paid survey site you are considering. You should also check out other money earning opportunities on the site as many of these sites offer several different ways for you to earn cash.

how to make money with paid surveys

Here are some of the best paid survey sites.

Legitimate Paid Surveys Sites

1. Ipsos I-Say

This particular survey site typically sends out 2-4 surveys per weekday and 1-2 surveys on each weekend day. They also offer a fairly unique loyalty program which offers bonus points based on how many surveys you complete per year. You can earn 600 extra points by doing over 200 surveys throughout the year, which equals out to less than 4 surveys per week.

Each survey typically earns you 45-90 points, although there are occasionally surveys that offer a whopping 150 points. Surveys typically take far less time than estimated, with some “20 minute” surveys actually taking less than 5 minutes to complete. You should always go to your dashboard to get the day’s surveys because the estimated time will not show up in the emails you receive.

You can choose to receive payouts as Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards or Paypal payments. If you’re willing to hold out for the highest level pay out the rewards are far greater for the number of points necessary.

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2. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost makes most payments immediately through Paypal and you can receive payment instantly once you hit the 100 point minimum ($10). You can also choose to receive your payments in air miles or Amazon gift cards. Typically they email users 2 surveys each day but you can often find half a dozen if you go to the site’s main page. The only drawback of surveys on your homepage is that they don’t give you time estimates or point values at the outset.

Surveys typically earn you between 5 and 30 points and can take anywhere from five minutes to 30. You’ll often find yourself finishing surveys well before the estimated time is up. Typically 15 point surveys provide the highest level of value for your time.

You will be screened for any surveys you click on which typically takes less than a minute. Each survey you don’t qualify for will get you an entry into Opinion Outpost’s quarterly sweepstakes for $10, 000.

Review SiteWhat to Expect
Ipsos I-SayThis survey site typically sends out 2-4 surveys on weekdays and 1-2 during weekends. Earn 600 extra points by doing 200+ surveys throughout the year, with each survey earning you 45-90 points or more and payment options include PayPal payments, iTunes or Amazon Gift Cards.
Opinion OutpostThis site provides you with 2 surveys per day and pays immediately via Paypal after hitting the 100 point minimum ($10). Other payment options include air miles or Amazon gift cards.
Swagbucks Swagbucks offers tons of ways to make money by participating in free or paid offers which typically last for a minute or two. It has a minimum payout of 450 Swagbucks (equiv. to $5 Amazon gift card) or 25,000 points for a $25 Amazon gift card or $25 Paypal payment.
CashCrateCashCrate offers 1-3 surveys per day via email and at least a dozen more posted on the member’s home page about sites focused on offers. Signing up for a combination of free and paid offers earns you more dollars.
FusionCashFusionCash offers users many ways to make money; the most effective of which is through FusionCash special offers and surveys. Most reviewers receive 1-3 surveys/day with a payout of $25 minimum through Paypal, check or direct deposit.
Inbox DollarsSurveys take around 2 minutes to finish and you can also earn from reading emails, watching videos or searching the web. Sign up bonus of $5 is at stake with high payout of $30 minimum.

3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks surveys aren’t necessarily the highest paid surveys on this list, but Swagbucks offers you tons of other ways to make money, and in fact the surveys on the site are typically not the best ways to make money. Instead you should be looking to make the bulk of your money by participating in free or paid offers. If you’re considering a paid offer make sure you do the math and you know you’re getting paid more than you’re spending. These offers typically only take a minute or two to sign up for so the return on your time is typically high.

If you’re signed up to receive surveys through email you’ll typically get 1-3 per day and you can access many more on the website. Make sure you pay close attention to the amount of points each survey provides so you can maximize your time.

To make the most money possible you’ll also want to download the Swagbucks search bar and install it in your browser. You’ll get 1 Swagbuck every day just for having the tool bar and some searches will win you extra points as well. This is definitely the most passive way to make money from one of these sites.

Swagbucks has a minimum payout of 450 Swagbucks for a $5 Amazon gift card or 25,000 points for either a $25 Amazon gift card or a $25 Paypal payment. If you decide to go with Amazon gift cards (you can always change your decision when you get your next payout) you should stick to purchasing the $5 cards as you save 50 swagbucks on each one.

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4. CashCrate

CashCrate offers a pretty high number of surveys each day, with members typically receiving 1-3 surveys per day via email and usually at least a dozen more posted on the member’s home page, but they aren’t actually primarily a survey site. Instead they’re a site focused on offers. You can make the largest amount of money by signing up for a combination of free and paid offers.

Once you’ve created an account you can find these offers under the Offers tab of your account center. You can sort by payout and start by skipping over offers you have to pay for, but often times the payout for the paid offers will be much better. It’s important that you do the math before accepting any paid offers to make sure you’re getting paid more than you are paying out.

Some of these offers are for subscriptions, so make sure you opt out before the end of the month or you’ll end up paying more than you got paid. CashCrate offers are also often for more interesting services or products than other offers sites, so you can often end up getting paid to do something you’d be doing anyway, like purchasing a domain name.

On top of all of this Cash Crate offers a referral bonus of 20% of all your referral’s earnings and 10% of earnings made by anyone they refer to the site. You can also get bonuses for milestones such as your referral earning their first $10.

Cash Crate requires a minimum $20 payout and at this time they unfortunately only send payments via check. Eligible payments are processed and mailed on the first so you should receive them fairly early in the month.

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5. FusionCash

FusionCash actually offers users a variety of ways to make money but the most effective ways are definitely through FusionCash special offers and surveys. Most people will be eligible for a large percentage of the surveys and receive 1-3 surveys in their inbox per day. You can also always find several other surveys as well as special offers in your dashboard.

The minimum payout for FusionCash is $25 and they allow you to accept payments via Paypal, check or direct deposit. You’ll get a $5 cash bonus when you sign up, giving you a great jumpstart towards your first payment.

The one drawback of FusionCash surveys is that some of them are actually offered through other survey taking sites, meaning you could make more money on these surveys by taking them at the original site. Make sure you pay close attention to the surveys you’re completing.

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6. Inbox Dollars

Inbox dollars is one of the lesser known but higher quality survey sites. It takes only a couple minutes to sign up and you can make money in a few different ways: taking surveys, reading emails, watching videos and searching the web.

Active members will receive up to 3 emails per day. You can get paid simply to confirm that you’ve read many of these emails and most will have an additional link to a survey or offer you can participate in to earn more money. There are also various other offers you can take advantage of, including an offer where you can earn $5 InboxDollars when you spend $20 or more on a particular Groupon item.

Surveys are typically provided through other companies and most members will be able to take surveys from various websites. Each third party company will have their own limit on the number of surveys you can get paid to take each day. You can find these on the home page and the number of surveys each company lets you take will vary from 1-5.

They also offer a loyalty membership called the Gold Membership with a couple interesting perks such as the ability to get your payout every two weeks instead of monthly and “Gold Referrals”. Members who sign up without a specific referral are automatically assigned to a Gold Member who gets related bonuses.

Inbox Dollars does have a fairly high payout minimum of $30 but it’s fairly easy to earn that money in a short amount of time, at least the first time when you get a $5 sign up bonus.

Getting Started with Paid Surveys

Can you Really Make Money with Paid Surveys?

Doing aid surveys has been quite a rewarding job which has blossomed from a mere hobby into a job that alleviated some individuals from financial difficulties.  These are not your mere 9 to 5 job wherein you’d dress up for the day, spend some time negotiating traffic,  come home tired with your tongue hanging down to your chest—and still perform chores you cannot avoid doing.

How to make money with paid surveys

Normally, survey takers are asked to answer a set of questionnaires. These surveys run at decent lengths and have specific target audiences. Therefore, it is a prerequisite for members to fill in their demographic details prior to being allowed access to surveys in accordance with member details.

The company then shoots registered members regular emails whenever there are available surveys to fill. If the time frame and compensation suits members, they can start with the task immediately. Some people who are into this field of work do not concentrate on a single survey site.

This means a good number of sites they register in create a huge selection of surveys and a wider opportunity to get paid. There are also sites that have limited surveys or survey takers may not be eligible to take due to demography constraints.

Survey payment schemes come in different forms wherein payment through a bank account or PayPal is favoured by the majority. While others pay in cash, only provide you with gift vouchers, gifts, or items coming from the company you asked to take survey from.

Most survey companies impose restrictions involving withdrawing the cash balance like you have to reach a certain amount of money before you can withdraw it from your account. Some platforms will ask you to complete a certain number of surveys or points before sending payment.

Should you try paid surveys for income?

For many reasons, surveys are a good option for stay-at-home mums who have some extra time while kids are in school. Working mothers can take surveys during weekends as well.  Students can participate during the holidays and retired people would be happy to complete occasional surveys for some extra bucks.

Anyone can register to sites offering online surveys anywhere they may be as long as they comply with the defined rules. It is imperative to check on the instructions before joining because sometimes, surveys only allow people coming from a specific country and stipulates the age, gender, or educational level.

These are areas where paid surveys vary that some people do not understand; so, if others earn hefty sums, other members will rake in average or less income.

You can try these legitimate survey sites if you want to get paid in cash for taking surveys:

  1. YourVoice – Pays via PayPal at a minimum of $20 and provides you with a $5 gift voucher.
  1. PureProfile – Pays through bank transfer with a minimum of $25 cash balance.
  1. MySurvey – Sends you a gift voucher and pays upon accumulating $5.
  1. WDYT – Gives out gift vouchers and transfers money to your bank starting at $20.
  1. OpinionWorld – Sends payment using PayPal starting at $10 and gives out gift vouchers.
  1. Vivatic – 5 to 30-minute surveys are paid through PayPal after earning at least £20.
  1. YouGov – A less than 20-minute survey can earn you around 50p. 5,000 points equates to £50 and can be redeemed at PayPal or through bank transfer.


Sign up only on sites that appeal greatly to you for added enthusiasm. Surveys that are not appealing to survey takers takes more time to finish. You can jump from one site to another to take more surveys and get paid more. Time is of the essence so you have to take note that waiting for another survey opportunity to arrive at your inbox is money and time wasted.

Evaluate your earnings and experience and see if your efforts are translated into cash. If you are one who looks forward to receiving extra goodies, there are many that can provide you with that as well.

You may opt to stay away from sites that are unable to provide you enough vis-à-vis the time you spend facing your computer. Furthermore, registering at legit websites helps you avoid being scammed. Reliable online survey locations should contain many topics for surveys to guarantee you easy and fast earnings.

Where to from here?

There are tons of paid survey sites for different demographics and places around the world, many of which offer members a variety of ways to make money. If you want to make a substantial amount of money taking online surveys you will most likely have to sign up for a few or even several different paid survey sites, as many make it difficult to earn more than a small amount of money per day.